Charcuterie/ Antipasto and Light Catering


Depending on where you hail from, you may call our meat, fruit, veggie and cheese trays by different names, but whatever you call them - know that they will be delcious!


We can combine:

 Meats- such as prosciutto, salami, fennel sausage etc.

Cheeses-including whole grain mustard, English cheddar, smoked goat cheese and many others.

Vegetables and Fruits: olives, peppadew peppers, Cornischion pickles, balsamic marinated onion, roasted yellow and red tomatoes, red and green grapes. 


We can also offer a variety of light catering items- chicken salad, tuna salad, emerald sesame kale, fennel and orange salad, a variety of potato and pasta salads.


Let us do the work so that you can enjoy your family and guests!